Updated on 1 December 2016

The following general terms and conditions of sale apply to all of the ticket purchasers or holders.

Article 1 – Parties to the ticket sales contract

The contractual relations resulting from the ticket sales contract are established exclusively between the ticket purchaser and the organiser MORE Events or the Italian company that MORE Events will have mandated to organise the event.

The purchase of a ticket also constitutes acceptance of the regulations of the festival, which are available on the website or upon simple request to

Article 2 – Sale of tickets

Advance ticket sales can only be carried out by MORE Events or its partners via the platforms listed on the website

If the festival is not sold out, single-day tickets will be available for purchase at the entrance of the festival from 8th June.

Article 3 – Cancellation of the event

Cancellation will be freely decided by MORE Events or by the Italian company mandated to organise the festival if the conditions, particularly in terms of security or the weather, are not met in view of the smooth running of the festival.

In the event of cancellation without postponement of an event, upon simple request the single-day ticket purchasers will be refunded the price paid for the ticket minus the commission levied by the ticket sales platform (between 2 and 3% depending on the platform).

In the event of the cancellation of one or more evening events, purchasers of a pass will be refunded on the basis of a fixed amount of €33 per event cancelled.

Article 4 – Event postponement or change

If an event is postponed or its venue is changed for any reason whatsoever, the ticket will remain valid for the new date and/or new venue.

Article 5 – Refund or exchange

Ticket refunds or exchanges are prohibited in principle, whether due to loss, theft, damage or destruction of such tickets.

Article 6 – Exclusion of liability

In the event of cancellation, postponement or change of the festival events, MORE Events or its partners will not be held liable for costs incurred by the ticket purchaser particularly in terms of transport and accommodation.

MORE Events organises the festival or hires service providers to organise events of the festival under conditions that will ensure the security of festival attendees acting with reasonable conduct.

MORE Events or its partners will not be held liable for any damage or consequences linked to the excessive conduct of festival attendees.

Article 7 – Contact

In case of any queries, the ticket purchaser will be able to contact MORE Events using the email address or via the message service on the Facebook page of Venezia MORE Festival.


Updated on 1 December 2016

Each festival attendee (i.e. a person who enters the festival whether or not he/she has paid for a ticket) must be acquainted with the present regulations.

Each festival attendee must respect the legislation in force applicable in Italy and Venice.

Possession and consumption of narcotic drugs is prohibited.

Each festival attendee must behave respectfully towards property and people, other festival attendees, members of the organisation, etc.

Due caution should be exercised when consuming alcohol.

Each festival attendee agrees to be filmed or photographed by festival teams. Videos and photos resulting from these takes can be used by MORE Events or its partners in connection with promoting the festival or promoting the presence of partners and sponsors related to the festival. This use can be applied to any digital or physical medium.