Matias Aguayo presents El Rudo Del House in More Festival

I invoked El Rudo Del House, and soon there are going to be others possessed by the same spirit
— Matias Aguayo

El Rudo Del House is an imaginary creature who speaks to you with a pitched-down voice and produces heavy house rhythms that are engineered to directly trigger the movement of different body parts (body mechanics). His music resonates with the rhythms of everyday life: produced by big iron apparatuses that cross the sky, by voices that yell through speakers in giant halls, by machines of border security and control, the thinly clipped nagging noise of internet spam coming out of unpleasantly limited computer speakers...

El Rudo del House gets rid of all elements that are not made to move your body by:

  • Shouting out Agarrate que vai a salir volando! (Hang on, or you gonna fly off!)
  • Warning you that There’s an elephant in your House!
  • Teaching you a dance that is called El Volcanico (The Volcanic).
  • Declaring the disco to be Tomada! (Taken over!)

El Rudo Del House takes over the MORE CLUB saturday 5th at 0:30 am and reclaims its space for the dancers!  TICKETS HERE